What is Vallance Media?

Tectonic plates shift. Communication changes at a blinding pace. Old news and information constructs crumble. Finding your individual or organizational voice amid the cacophony can seem daunting.

But vast change absolutely means great opportunity: now is the time for individuals and smaller organizations to speak up in the jostling marketplace of ideas.

Your ideas — and your products — matter; your voice can be heard: Vallance Media is about helping shape, clarify and present your ideas to a world that needs to hear them. See them. Understand them. Engage with them.

The goal: for you to have an authentic, authoritative voice in the conversation.

For you to be able to make a difference.

So we are ready to:

•    Guide you through asking the vital questions that will define your online and media presence

•    Lay out a realistic strategy for building your ‘brand’

•    Conceptualize and build your Web presence, be it blog, vlog or full-blown website. Or all three

•    Build and maintain your social media presence

•    Guide, edit and maintain your online content

•    Create and deliver a media strategy that goes beyond online to include broadcast and print

•    Keep you updated on the latest Web and social media communication techniques

•    Teach and train you, your staff and your organization how to deploy online communication tools

We’ve got the cross-media breadth and depth of experience to help you get out there.


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